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Our Vision

Human beings are the only creatures on this planet with the power to create. We have invented life-changing technologies that are used on a daily basis by everyone on this planet. The power of Web3.0 has enabled connectivity and decentralization like never before. Instead of doing more good than harm, more have abused it for greed and selfish reasons. We want to stop this.

At Nubbies we aspire to become a global brand that represents Generosity, Kindness, and Love. We want to achieve this by rallying like-minded individuals from all over that hold the powerful belief that they too can impact this world. Do more for each other. Be more loving towards one another. Perform more acts of kindness. In turn, we hope we can make this world a much better place to live in.

Our short term goal for the Nubbies NFT project is to bring in the right people who truly want to change the world, whom may have not realized their power within to shine their light . The direction that the project can take is limitless and there is no limitations of what we have in our minds. With the right people in place, we can start establishing sustainable revenue streams to fund all core team members along with our charitable donations. In the midterm, we plan to have global representatives in every nation or at least every continent that is represented by our community in real life that would perform acts of kindness on behalf of us. In the long run, we look ahead to when Nubbies become a recognized global movement powered by Web3.0 technology that stands for the betterment of humanity.

So Who are the Nubbies?

A collection of 999 Fully animated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain designed by hand. The Nubbies art is hand drawn and hand picked piece by piece with love and passion by a team of Artists in Thailand. Non - generated art takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that all pieces come out aesthetically pleasing. Nubbies is a community driven project connected through art that harnesses the power of Web3.0 to make real change as a collective.

Nubbies will have two initial collections setup on OpenSea. One collection will be our 999 Genesis Nubbies NFTs. The other collection will be dedicated for our collaborative 1 of 1 Legendary pieces in which we have worked on with Recon Rams, Project Godjira, Artificial Intelligence Club, Floppy NFTs, Dreamland Genesis and so any amazing NFT communities. In this collection we will also have 1 of 1 NFTs created by talented artists from within the Nubbies community. These 1 of 1 Legendaries will be auctioned off for charitable initiatives selected by the community with 80% of the proceeds donated to the charity and 20% goes back to the artists, empowering them to continue inspire others through art. There will also be perks designed for holders of these legendary pieces as we unlock the power of our community





Why “Nubbies”?

The story of Nubbies NFT collection started with a baby girl named Nub Dao. Nub Dao in Thai means Counting Stars.

Nub Dao, pictured here, was born with a rare disease called palatoschisis resulting in cleft palate. Ning (Miss Universe Thailand 2018) and her husband, Jedi, were able to help Nub Dao through her surgery and literally save her life.

The family discovered her from a small Christian foundation called The House of Blessing. (http://hobf.or.th/ ) They are a long time supporter of the foundation and it is one of the main places where the team plans to help out through this project.

During her time as Miss Universe Thailand 2018, Ning started a movement called Unlock Unwrap that focused on empowering young ladies to unlock the potential they have in themselves. The movement and her past achievements has since evolved into helping communities and organizations in need ranging from healthcare, children’s hospitals, schools, and other families in need. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100044342812571.